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 Pocket Spring

*The Bouncy One*


Our exclusive 5 Zone Orthopaedic Pocketed springs virtually eliminate motion transfer, making it the perfect bed for couples. Strong and durable, these legendary springs are individually wrapped and conform to the unique shape of your body. When you move, the Pocketed springs go to work, cushioning and supporting your body at every turn, so you sleep peacefully and undisturbed. In fact, all you will feel is rest. This mattress is the top of the range along the Orthopaedic. It is composed of a pocket spring type spring unit which is placed inside a box of high density hard foam rubber. The mattress is finished with high quality damask ticking which is breathable, the mattress has a total height of 23cm. This is the best mattress from our local factory offering the fullest support to your body and back with a firm yet bouncy comfortable rest just like in the hotels !

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