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Motorised Bed

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-5 Year Guarantee

-Super Silent German Made Motor

-Orthopaedic Spring Slats

-Has a 6 button remote control

-Is made of odourless water varnished wood

-Is equipped with an emergency lowering   system & back up battery in case of power   cuts

-May be adjusted from the head or leg area     separately or simultaneously


The Advanced Motorised Bed allows you to lift the shoulder area or legs at the touch of a button to help you find your perfect sleeping position thanks an electric motor connected to the easily accessible 6 button remote. 

The height and stiffness of the slats in the lumbar region can also be adjusted thanks to the addition of manual sliding stiffness regulators. These regulators allow you to customize the firmness in the area you want whilst the head and foot raisers relax and de-stress your muscles.

High quality beech wood is used for the slats and the frame whilst a laminate finish is used for the top part of the slats. Rubberised corners at corner of the bed help to ensure you do not harm yourself if mistakenly hitting the side of the bed.

The motor is German made with 5 Years Warranty features noiseless motors totally insulated for safety. The motor comes with a built in battery to return the bed to the horizontal position in case of a power failure.

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