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Pocket Spring-Memory Foam
           HYBRID Mattress

Altflex Pocket + Memory Hybrid Mattress.png
      800 Independent Pocket Springs, 7 support zones with Hidrocell

Altaflex offers a mattress line made of independent pocket springs in steel, that are inserted one by one in a breathable fabric. The mattress has 7 differentiated support zones, that are able to react to the different pressures exerted by the body. The springs are enclosed within a Box system structure made of water-based polyurethane foam, that is breathable and resistant. The mattress structure is closed both sides by a Hidrocell support, a water-based polyurethane foam, that thanks to its 7 differentiated supporting zones distributes perfectly the weight of the body.

Equipped with independent pocket springs with 7 zones with perimeter holes for better breathability; this mattress guarantees the correct support for rest. The winter side in wool and thick Hidrocell Soft and the summer side in cotton and high thickness Hidrocell soft are adapted to the external climate and give the mattress a special enveloping effect, making it perfectly ergonomic. All this is enclosed by a hypoallergenic fabric.

  • Box system: About 800 springs in the double bed, contact surface in Hidrocell monozone and Memory Foam.

  • Fabric: Stretch hypoallergenic with 3D band.

  • Height: 23 cm

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