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   *The Natural one*

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Latex Core
Rotate Mattress
Up to
140+ KG
Slatted Base
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Outer Cover
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Outer Cover


Not all latex is the same, the latex used in our cores is 100% Natural rubber sourced from rubber tree farms & extracted from the milky white tree sap produced by the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree originally discovered in the steamy jungles of South America - No synthetic materials used ! Once this material was discovered it opened up endless possibilities for using the natural rubber in the manufacture of various products. Consequent to the demand for the rubber, organised plantations where created in South America and later spread to the new mass latex farms in East Asia, India & Sri Lanka.

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Foam rubber mattress cores are made from natural latex utilizing the ground-breaking Dunlop Method. This is extracted from the tree and is then processed and preserved in Ammonia. Dunlop latex is the denser of the two types of latex. Think of it as a hearty pound cake. Dunlop is incredibly supportive and is particularly loved by those who sleep on their stomach or have nerve-related back pain, due to the incredibly pressure relieving factors the mattress offers


The natural rubber latex makes it superior to other materials  due to its unique molecular structure which permits extreme stretching, making it one of the most long lasting materials used in mattresses ! In fact thanks to its long life & durability the product can be used for many years without compromising on its unique qualities. Unlike synthetic latex it can stretch up to 200% & keeps its original shape without breaking making it ideal for heavy or overweight clients also !

Scientists have utilised these properties of high elasticity and superior resilience to the maximum advantage in making latex foam products. Natural foam happens to be the finest materials in cushioning products!

Certified Natural Latex Product & Organic Latex

Natural versus organic latex
Organic latex is always natural, but not all natural latex is organic!
To be certified organic, the rubber farm may not use any chemicals 
on the plantation (no pesticides or fertilizers) or throughout the latex production process. Which is why our latex cores are so sought after and popular.

If you’re shopping for a natural latex mattress, it’s important to consider certifications so you can put your mind at ease that if you purchase such an expensive mattress your are infact getting the real deal & not a synthetic product! One of the most recognizable certifications in the industry is GOLS.  Which is why our latex mattresses are GOLS CERTIFIED. What is GOLS you may ask? GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard. A Union situated in the Netherlands which after various inspections & checks grants its certificates associated with the Control Union that specifically focuses on latex products, evaluating farming and manufacturing practices, as well as the organic nature of the raw material as a whole. Supported by manufacturers and various stakeholders of latex industry, GOLS became a globally recognized standard for products made out of organically grown natural rubber latex. Originally developed by Control Union, GOLS adds value to companies seeking more sustainable products The GOLS Certificate it the only way to tell that your latex product is 100% Natural & Organic.



Antibacterial & Dust Mite Resistant
Self Ventilating / Breathable
More Supportive / Ergon
Durable & Robust

Eco-friendly & Biodegradable

HealthyThe latex sap from the rubber tree
contains antibacterial compounds, a trait that is
transferred to our natural latex mattresses.
Furthermore latex sap is dust mite resistant by

Safe: Natural Latex is a product from Mother Nature, produced from the sap of the rubber tree.
CocoLatex will never compromise on your health. NEVER.

We restrain from blending in cheap and
low quality synthetic rubber (SBR) and hazardous
materials because they can cause toxic off-fumes.

Environmental Friendly: Tapping a rubber tree
to collect the sap will not kill the tree so they
continue to remove carbon dioxide from the air
for many years to come. Our mattresses do not
add onto the World`s mountains of trash. Latex
mattresses last longer than other types of
mattresses and they are completely
biodegradable at the end of their life cycle

thereby reducing our ecological footprint.

Bio Degradable.png

Spine Alignment: The unique, nonlinear
compression profile of a rubber cell makes
heavier parts of the body sink into the mattress
while lighter areas are still supported. This
optimal alignment of the spine keeps pain away
and improves blood circulation.

Breathable: The natural open-cell structure of
latex allows optimal airflow and keeps your
mattress dry. Combined with latex’ antimicrobial
features latex mattresses are free from mould and mildew which makes for a cooler and more
hygienic sleep.

Minimal Motion Transfer: The natural resiliency
of latex means that movement on one side of the
mattress is not transmitted easily to the other


Mattress Zones:

Not everyone sleeps in the same way.
In order to meet different sleeping needs, we produce mattresses in different comfort zones.

A timeless classic made with 100% 7-zone natural latex! Designed with 7 different comfort zones that gives each body part the support it needs. The shoulder zone is slightly softer as our shoulders stick out more. The middle zone is firmer because that is where the heaviest part of our body rests. This mattress is particularly suitable for people suffering from orthopaedic problems in the shoulder, hips and lower back region

Not so-hard and not so-soft, this comfortable bouncy mattress is Durable, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable 7″ thickness (unless ordered otherwise)

Can be flipped and be used on both sides for longer use.
Includes an inner cover & a removable washable outer cover made from a soft memory breathable fabric.

Support where it matters most ! Our mattresses have different zones that are specially arranged to provide optimal support. This system of 7 zone latex helps support your weight at different points by providing a natural, comfortable position for your spine. The various zones of the mattress have been demarcated as per body contours, pressure and the density of the mattress is adjusted in each zone to provide optimum comfort to the body.

The open cell structure of the rubber gives it resilience & perfect support, ensuring total comfort in any sleeping position.

Latex mattresses are considered to be one of the most comfortable materials to sleep on ! The elasticity of the material allows it to be used on motorised beds.

Mattress Firmness Chart
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