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Air-Flow Plus
Memory Foam Mattress


The Airflow Plus is the new and improved version of our original Airflow model. It does not have any springs in its construction. It is made from a 16cm of orthopaedic high density foam rubber as its base to offer support to both your body and weight doing the work of a spring, it is then topped with 5cm of high density memory foam that makes the hard surface soft and comfortable as well as take the natural shape of your body for a full support, it is complete with a removable cover to wash as well as a unique ventilated netted bottom to promote airflow a reduce the risk of mould growth.

• Total Height of 21cm

• 16cm Orthopaedic Foam Rubber for Support

• 5cm High Density Memory Foam for Comfort

• Orthopaedic & Anatomic

• Pressure Reducing Mattress

• Air Channelling Foam Base for Mould Prevention

• Ultra Breathable 3D Covering Fabric

• Can Be Placed on Closed Bed Bases

• Removable & Washable Outer Cover

• Anti-Dust Mite & Anti-Allergic

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