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*Air-Flow PLUS*

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Memory Foam Mattress + Ventilation.png
5cm Visco Memory
16cm  Rubber Base
Ventilated Bottom
Rotate Mattress
Vacuum Packed.png
Rolled & Vacuum
Removable Cover.png
Outer Cover
Machine Washable.png
Outer Cover
May Be Placed On
Slats or Flat Base



The Airflow model by Rest Time cleverly named for its unique ventilated netted bottom to promote airflow throughout the mattress - evenly dissipating body heat to prevent condensation forming, greatly reducing the risk of mould accumulation & growth on the mattress making it safe for closed bed bases - In short No Slats ? No Problem !


The Airflow Plus is the New & Improved version of our original Airflow model by Rest Time. The main difference between the plus model and its predecessor is its overall height at 21cm and increase in the memory foam layer for those after that are after a firm but not too firm sleep making it more soft and comfortable than the standard Airflow Model. Manufactured from a higher density 16cm (33D) of orthopaedic foam rubber as its base layer to offer support to both your body & weight while aiding in correcting posture; the higher density rubber makes it also ideal for overweight clients, it is then topped with 5cm of 50 Density memory foam which aids in blood circulation & pressure relief but most importantly makes the hard support layer bearable to sleep on becoming soft and comfortable as well taking the natural contouring shapes of your body for a full complete support. 

> Total Height of 21cm

> 16cm Orthopaedic Foam Rubber for Support

> 5cm High Density Memory Foam for Comfort

> Heavy Duty Graded up 120kg 

> Orthopaedic & Anatomic

> Pressure Reducing Mattress

> Air Channelling Foam Base for Mould Prevention

> Ultra Breathable 3D Covering Fabric

> Can Be Placed on Closed Bed Bases

> Removable & Washable Outer Cover

> Anti-Dust Mite & Anti-Allergic

Rest Time Foam & Leather Airflow Plus Date Sheet.png
Mattress Firmness Chart
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