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Bunk Foam Mattress

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This foam mattress has no springs and comes in various standard sizes. This mattress is made with a high density, standard orthopaedic medium-firm polyurethane rubber foam VP31 density (Ideal for most client types). A firm yet not too hard mattress. Covered in a breathable cotton material which are available in many different colours and patterns & finished with a piping boarder all around just like a traditional mattress. Besides the sizes listed above, we are able to manufacture any size & shape required, making the bunk foam mattress an ideal, cost effective & economic mattress for those clients who have large projects & require them in bulk perfect for bunk beds, yacht cabins, planes, student lodging etc
Non-Allergic & Anti Dust-Mite


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Mattress Firmness Chart

Free Delivery To    Malta & Gozo 

Order in person or on the phone and have it delivered to your door step!

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