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Space Sleeper
with Pull Out Mechanism


Space Saving Sleeping Solutions

We offer a wide selection of bedframes with defendant slat configurations depending on the needs of your project. Strong metal frames with slats in different variation and quantity per frame.

With the 30 years of experience in the development of sofabed mechanisms we offer an added a range of wallbed space saving solutions. From single sleeper, king size to horizontal or vertical sleeping mechanisms to fully take advantage of the room !


  • Bent metal frame, section 30 x 30 mm

  • Multiply slats (53 x 8 mm)

  • Supplied with 2 mattress stoppers and a fixing bag for front pannel fixation

  • Lifted height 34 cm

  • Epoxy paint

Free Delivery

Order in person or on the phone and have it delivered to your door step!

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