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Foam and Leather shop Front


Foam & Leather was set up by owner Anthony Mifsud in 1978. Today our business still operates from the original premises in High Street, Hamrun. Recently our shops were refurbished to become one of Malta's largest mattress showrooms on display. Anthony has spent a life times worth gathering knowledge to best suite his clients. He has the know, how and experience; be it for comfort, aiding in back problems and gathering the best materials and connections in order to create amazing custom products which leaves our customer in awe. We offer an extensive selection of mattresses, household furnishings, beds, bed sets, quilts, pillows, gifts, upholstery fabrics, bath linen, curtains, toppers and much more. After 40 years and many more to come we are still the best at what we do; the best customer care & quality assurance, price and satisfaction.

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Foam And Leather Shop Front

Mattress Consulting

Upholstery Consulting

Sowing Service;

Fabric, Leather, Canvas... 



Bedding Consulting

Foam Cuts; Any Shape or Size

Material Cut

By Metre

Constructing New

Upholstery Products

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