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Zigflex Heavy Duty Bed Base

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The heart of a comfortable sleeping system is the bed base. A good base, combined with the right mattress, ensures proper support for the body and is the secret to a comfortable sleep, while a worn or inadequate base reduces the performance and limits the benefits even of the best mattress, with the risk of speeding up the wear process. Zigflex offers an extensive range of motorised and fixed bed bases to accommodate the most diverse needs.

For more than 50 years, Zigflex has also been producing metal bed bases; from cutting to welding, through to painting and assembly, we monitor every phase of the processing in our production plants to guarantee the utmost levels of quality and performance. We produce our bed bases using high strength steel profiles: to improve and customise the bed system comfort level to suit individual needs. We offer a customised 40×33 mm tubular profile (25 mm thick), for essential fixed bed bases.


Frame in 40×30 mm tubular profile (1.25 mm thick) made of high strength steel.


Central crosspiece, with inter-connected slats, in 40×40 mm tubular profile (1.6 mm thick) in high resistance steel.


Supporting crosspieces fitted with bumper protection strip for whole slat, in the double bed version.

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