Canvas & PVC Digital Sample Books

Dilek Canvas Sample 

Dilek Canvas Rolls are 150cm Wide and is at €14.00 per running metre.

(Soft Umbrella Canvas)

Deckchair Canvas Sample 

Deckchair Canvas Rolls are 65cm Wide and is at €7.00 per running metre.

Marine Canvas Sample 

Marine Canvas Rolls are 150cm

Wide and is at €25.00 per running metre.

-Resin Based anti-fungi coating

-Water Resistant 

-UV Resistant

-Oil Repellent

-Uses: Cockpit Cover, Spray              Hood, Biminitop, Sun Awning,      Flybridge, Winter covers etc

PVC Sample

PVC 1.8 Metre wide rolls are at €15.00 per running metre.

PVC 2.5 Metre wide rolls are at €20.00 per running metre.

PVC 3 Metre wide rolls are at €35.00 per running  metre.

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