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Micro Spring-Memory Foam
        HYBRID Mattress

Microspring Pocket Hybrid.png


1600-2800 Independent Packed Micro Springs, 7 support zones with Hidrocell

The ARA model is composed of a high-density Acquapur gel memory plate with a massaging effect, which rests on a structure made up of 1600-2800 individually packed micro pocket springs.

This allows an excellent reception of each part of the body. Structure with 7 differentiated lift zones, which produces a very comfortable & ergonomic mattress that provides a customized sleeping position.

In addition, the ARA mattress is equipped with a removable stretch cover in viscose and polyester, to guarantee perfect hygiene.

For proper ventilation of the internal materials, the Ara model is also equipped with a three-dimensional band. - Viscose fabric - Removable polyester - Hypoallergenic polyester  with Memory layer.

-This Model is certified as a Class 1 Medical Device.

-Micro adjustments to pressure when you lie on your mattress

-Anti Dust Mite & Anti Bacterial

-Breathable & Resistant

-26cm Height

           What is the purpose of the micro springs in a mattress?

The number of the springs determines the points of micro-adaptation of the mattress.

It’s all a matter of points of contact between the mattress and our body: more springs means more points of contacts and so a better mattress support

The springs are enclosed in small pockets in order to guarantee a higher comfort. From the technological improvement of the traditional pocket springs. Each single spring is smaller than the traditional pocket spring, so that there are more pieces and more comfort.


The technology of pocket springs provides the traditional support of spring mattresses and a greater softness that embraces the complete body. Pocket spring mattresses are made in order to adapt to the spinal column, support the body correctly and prevent back and muscular cramps

A big advantage to a micro pocket spring mattress is when they are being used to compensate for deeper comfort layers where large quantities of fibres are used, the pocket springs are designed in a way where they are slightly compressed, they tend to retain their comfort and height much longer than normal springs or foam. This means they can add extra durability to your mattress. Allowing it to perform at its best for longer

Microspring Interior .png
Microspring memory foam layer.png
Mattress Firmness Chart
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