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Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress 6+14

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 - Comfort grade: Soft
 - Depth: 20cm
 - Memory Foam Depth: 6cm
 - Ecocell Depth: 14cm
 - Specialist Feature: 3                    Comfort Zones
 - Specialist Protection: Anti     Dust Mite
 - Guarantee: 15 years
 - Sanitised Protection                  against Fungi and Bacteria
 - Resistat Protection
 - FIRA Safety Certified

Luxury of a perfect embrace will be your every day experience.

The Dormeo Memory 6+14 is truly a mattress for those who love their sleep. Technologically advanced memory foam with high density and temperature responsiveness is what makes the Dormeo Memory Soft both highly supportive and truly accepting at the same time. Comfort Zones Support Your Body The mattress is characterised by three different comfort zones supporting your head, torso and the lumbar area of your body. The three-zone core aids blood circulation, allowing muscle regeneration and reduced tossing and turning in your sleep.

​​​A full, deep 6cm layer of Dormeo visco-elastic memory foam is accepts and comforts your body, supported by 14cm of Dormeo’s patented Ecocell® foam, giving you supreme comfort and support. The Ecocell® foam’s unique 3D open structure draws away heat and humidity from the sleep surface. The cover of the Memory 6+14 is specially designed to allow the mattress to contour to your body so that you enjoy the full benefit of the gentle memory foam top layer. The cover’s zip enables easy removal and dry cleaning whilst the infusion of carbon fibres protect you against allergies, microbes and static electricity. The Dormeo Memory Soft mattress is the perfect solution for anyone craving not only a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep, but pure, comforting luxury as well.

Dormeo Memory



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