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- Comfort grade:                           Medium/Soft 
- Depth: 19cm 
- Memory Foam Depth: 4cm 
- Ecocell Depth: 14cm 
- Cover Type: Cotton 
- Specialist Feature: Carbon       Fibres 
- Specialist Protection: Dust       mite protection
- Guarantee: 15 years 
- Sanitized Protection 
- Resistat Protection 

We've taken our best selling Dormeo Memory Mattress and made even deeper and softer. And you’ll notice instantly how much cooler and more comfortable your Deluxe Memory 4+14 mattress is.

With 4cm of high quality visco-elastic Dormeo memory foam, the cool and comfortable surface will become the standard by which you measure all other mattresses.  2cm of the memory foam is sewn directly into the cover and then there is a further 2cm of memory to provide even more comfort.

Comforting weight-distributing support.

Soothe away those aches and pains! The memory 4+14 takes all the great attributes from the Dormeo Memory 2+12 mattress, but has 4cm of Memory Foam and 14cm Ecocell foam, providing a deeper level of comfort. It also is strong enough to provide support for the heavier areas of the body while retaining perfect memory. And with our patented Ecocell foam’s unique 3D open cell structure, it works perfectly in unison with Dormeo memory foam to provide supreme comfort.

At the same time, the mattress is made to support your head, back and spine during sleep, perfectly adapting to your body’s contour. The unique foam keeps your neck and spine properly aligned, allowing you to sleep comfortably and naturally all night long. When you get up, it goes right back to its original form.


A Cooler Sleep.

The structure of the mattress with its patented Ecocell core is perfect for preventing a build-up of heat and humidity on the sleep surface. Formerly known as the “Carbon” it has carbon fibres sown into the plush, SanitiSed-infused cover to give you anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odour protection and prevent static electricity to accumulate on the mattress – when a wire added to the mattress is attached to the nearest earthed object, the static electricity is released through carbon fibres and the wire – keeping it away from our body and mattress.

A specially designed 3D Space band is added to the new mattress cover sides in order to offer high performance of transpiration and elasticity. It improves mattress breathability and makes the mattress airy.


Dormeo Memory



Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress 4+14
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