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Dormeo Memory



- Comfort Grade: Medium

- Depth: 15cm

- Memory Foam Depth: 2cm

- Eco-cell Depth: 12cm

-Specialist Feature: Carbon        Fibres for      Anti Static-          Protection

-Specialist Protection: Dust      Mite  Protection

-Sanitised Protection     Against      Fungi &     Bacteria

- Resistant Protection

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The NEW Dormeo Memory 3+14 mattress will help make your bed a fresher, healthier place. Bringing you a cleaner, and more refreshing night's sleep.

Love the feeling you get when you slide between fresh, clean sheets? That’s exactly the feeling you’ll get every night with our new Memory 3+14 Mattress. It’s specially designed for a fresher, healthier sleep experience.  Plus, it features our amazing Clean Effect treatment to help banish bacteria and dust mites. 

Of course, Dormeo's luxurious memory foam will support and comfort you too, easing away those aches and pains.


Silver coated polyamide fibre and Climalite fibers

Silver coating is one of the best anti-bacterial compund. The polyamide fibre with permanent silver coating on its surface is used in the Dormeo mattress cover. It is widely known that the process is such that the fabric, with its silver coating, retains the traditional and tactile characteristics found in traditional mattress coverings yet offers all the benefits known to be inherent to pure silver. It possesses excellent anti-bacterial and anti odour properties. Your sleeping environment will thus provide you with deep calmness, freshness and stress-free moments.


Resistat Protection

Additional carbon fibers (RESISTAT) are added to the cover, which prevent static electricity to accumulate on the mattress – when a wire added to the mattress is attached to the nearest earthed object, the static electricity is released through carbon fibers and the wire – keeping it away from our body and mattress.

It all adds up to a fresh, comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience.

  • Antibacterial

  • Anti Dust Mite

  • Breathable

  • Supportive

  • Luxurious


Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress 3+14
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