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Dormeo Memory


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- Comfort Grade: Medium

- Depth: 15cm

- Memory Foam Depth: 2cm

- Eco-cell Depth: 12cm

-Specialist Feature: Carbon            Fibres for Anti Static-                   Protection

- Specialist Protection: Dust           Mite  Protection

- Sanitised Protection Against       Fungi & Bacteria

- Resistant Protection


Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress 2+12

The Italian story at the heart of Dormeo. The Dormeo Memory is our original best-seller and was the inspiration behind every other Dormeo memory mattress. An upper layer of visco-elastic memory foam is sewn directly into the Florentine-stitched cover to guarantee a sumptuous, accepting softness on your body. Beneath the sumptuous upper-layer lies a deep foundation of supportive, patented Ecocell®. The 3D open-cell foam gives your body the base and foundation it needs for that vital, consistent back support.
A cool, moisture-free sleep surface. The structure of the mattress is designed to help prevent the build-up of heat and moisture on the sleeping surface.
Anti-static and anti-dust mites.Our Memory line mattresses have carbon fibres sewn into the plush cover to protect against static, and are infused with Sanitised protection to protect against dust-mites, bacteria, mould, odour build-up and allergies.​

Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress 2+12
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